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I'm a woman of passion, great love and respect for humanity. I believe I am kind, I make good judgement about my self and the way I deal with life, I am independent, tough, well-bred and educated. I believe I am a leader of good influence, I believe in great conversation, I love speaking out my mind,
They said I work too often much but I love what I do, I give my all to what I believe is life, be it in my career or in love. I value people, people's ideas, interests, choices, and simple acts of respect matter a lot to me. I am a compulsive shopper for very few selected addictions, such as books and chocolates and coffee. Someday, I'm gonna have a library in my crammed apartment. I do always want to have a lot of chocolates in my fridge, I don't get much time to eat them though, I want to purchase all coffees of different historical legends someday. Well, that's all, so far, about me. I can go on and on, but this page might not accommodate all of my thoughts.
Here's an outline of some beautiful little bits of me:
* a passionate teacher
* a wisdom seeker
* i love to talk about love, life and laughter
* i believe in destiny
* i believe that everything happens for a reason
* i believe in forgiveness
* i am a devotee for peace
* i am a woman of worth
* i cry when i'm sad
* i laugh when i'm happy
* i'm real
* i'm one hell of a woman
* i believe in love
* i believe that blessings come with a price
* i believe that success needs passion and determination
* and i believe that success happens when opportunity meets preparation.
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